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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tukad Bangkung Bridge | The Highest Bridge in Asia

Tukad Bangkung Bridge

Want to know the bridge that was said in the highest in Asia ? Yes, the bridge called Tukad Bangkung. Taken from Balinese words : Tukad it's meani and Bangkung means female pig. Tukad Bangkung bridge had a length of  360 meters, width of 6 meters with the highest pillar is 71.14 meters and the foundation pillars of 41 below ground. That's why the bridge called The highest bridge in Asia. 

The bridge was to replace the old bridge which is located 500 meters south of Tukad Bangkung bridge. Constructions of the bridge was estimated to be resistant to be earthquakes of up to 7 on the Richer scale. 

Required funds of Rp 49 billion more to built this bridge. the fund is derived purely from province of Bali with a system of multiyears since 2001. The construction of the bridge along 6 kilometers. The bridge also connect Badung regency and Kintamani area. In around of the bridge, you can feel the green scenery and nature air.

If you want to have a trip in Badung regency, you can enjoy the Nungnung waterfall, Mangu temple, and Bagus Agro pelaga or Agrotourism or you can contact Bali Star Island to accommodate your experience trip during your holiday in Bali.

The Benoa Villas & Spa | Tanjung Benoa

The Benoa Villas & Spa

The Benoa Beach Front Villas & Spa consist by 18 rooms. It located at Pratama Street No 15 B Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali. The Benoa Villas the simply fancy villa illustrated with rich Balinese architecture combined with free form style of tropical garden flavoured by gentle and warm smiling staff arround you. Legong Restaurant which located in front of the beach open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner being quite confident to serve various choices of European, Mexican, and Oriental Cuisine. Whether it is Water sport, relaxing by the pool or just sitting reading, The Benoa Villas offers visitors something special all in one location. 

Business Facilities
- All of room have ocean or garden views, private bathroom with separated bath tub and shower, private balcony, individual controller of air conditioning, IDD telephone, international TV channels, tea and coffee maker set, in room hair dryer, hot & cold running water,etc.We also have facilities such as: 24 hours medical service, parking area, watersport counter, private beach, safety box in room, laundry service,spa, baby sitting, restaurant, swimming pool, money changer & mailing service, bicycle rental, CCTV security system.  

Getting There
Our hotel can be reach by taxi, private car, bus and motorbike. 

Parking Info
We have car parking in front area, 320 Meter square. Capacity aroud 10 cars, 1 Bus, Max 35 seat. 

Hotel facilities
  • 24 hour front desk
  • 24 hrs Medical Service
  • Airport shuttle
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Bicycle rental
  • Concierge
  • Direct beach access
  • Dry cleaning / laundry service
  • Interconnecting rooms
  • Laudry Service
  • Non-motorised water sports
  • Outdoor pool - heated
  • Outdoor pool - unheated
  • Playground
  • Restaurant/s
  • Tour desk
  • Watersport Activities.
  • Wifi access
More Photos

Jl. Pratama 15B, Tanjung Benoa
Nusa Dua Bali 80363 - Indonesia
Phone : 62 361 771634
Fax : 62 361 771635

Friday, December 12, 2014

Pangsan Village | Traditional Village

Relax at Pangsan Village

                                                                  (Pangsan traditional house)

You feel saturated and bored with your noisy city ? Or you feel tired with your daily activities ? Don't worry, I will give you a solution for that. Let's come, relax, and refresh your soul at Pangsan traditional village, Petang Sub-district, Badung Regency. The village located about 30 km north part of Denpasar City by public transportation for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, the countryside has a beautiful panorama supported by societal culture,fresh air and clean nature. Other challenging activities that you can be enjoy in Pangsan village are Trekking. There are two Trekking  area namely Hard Trekking with a distance of 5 km and Soft Trekking has a distance of 2 km. Both of that offer the beauty rice field with attraction of planting rice or harvesting. Or you can following the community wile they breeding cows, chicken, and duck. More than that, you can explore people's homes to see the attractions of traditional cooking. You can see the process of ngelawar or making Balinese traditional food make from jack
fruit and mixing with vegetables. Surely, you have to try it. After that you will get a serving of young coconut drinks and art performance.

For you with an adventurous soul can enjoy the local rapids through rafting games about  2.5 hours. And the most unique attraction is that in the middle of the village forest visitors can find a ‘city’ home stay whose buildings are designed in Balinese traditional architecture.

Do you interest with Pangsan Traditional Village ? Don't be hesitated to contact Bali Star Island to enjoy the naturally panorama.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kertalangu Cultural Village | Place to Visit

Cultures is one the reason why tourists come to Bali. And if you want to relax your mind , let's come to Kertalangu cultural village - Sanur, Bali. It is one of the cultural village located about 6 km from the center of Denpasar City right at By Pass Ngurah Rai street No. 88x, Kesiman Village, Denpasar withis on area about 80 acres. You can do some outdoor of activities there, such as jogging, fishing, horse riding, etc because the large area available. While you enjoy your jogging in the tracking area, you can see rice field around it. You will feel the memorable experience when visiting this place and see how a beautiful panorama with a green rice field, and see the farmers planting rice. The next step after the parking area you will discover a World Peace Monument inform of gong surrounded by several statues wheres is launched supported by many independent countries with 9 religions symbols

From the history, Kertalangu Curtural Village was establish by Mr. Suardhana Linggih on 2005 and he want to promoted the tourism industry in Bali. He assisted by the local people to dedicate the first concept in Bali who cares about the peacefulness.

Take about 15 minutes from the center of Denpasar town and only a small pay for parking area.  Please contact Bali Star Island to get more information.

What are the visitors can do in Kertalangu cultural village ?
  • making soap
  • dancing
  • horse riding
  • fishing
  • growing rice
  • flying fox
  • 3 km jogging area
  • kite painting
  • coloring sculpture
  • painting of canvas

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kerta Gosa | Floating Building

Enjoy our holiday this week, we want visit the mother temple of Balinese people, that is Besakih temple, we always found the unique place in our trips, first we found Kusamba Beach, at this time we visit Kerta Gosa, we are interest with this building because we saw the Balinese bell in the front of this area and the statue in he four intersection. The first purpose stop at this area for take a picture with Catur Muka ( Fourth  Face ). On of our friends saw a unique building and than we ask a local people. What is that Sir?? That is Kerta Gosa with floating building and full stories at the roof. Wow,,, the first word we said. We want go there, we pass the road but we miss a building that is a Klungkung palace, all right we will visit it after this tourism object.

On the Gate , we must paid IDR 12.000 for the entrance fee, and we always saw at almost tourism object in Bali, we must use sarong or selendang. Enter Kertagosa we saw a floating building and we choice enter that floating stage, we saw a hundred painting at the roof such as Sutasoma epic, Pan Brayut and many more. based on the story of Kertasgosa. It is a complex building of first klungkung king, he is Dewa Agung Jambe. Dewa Agung Jambe is second son of last king from Gelgel he's Suweca Pura, after Dewa Agung Jambe legalized be the King, he named this building is Semarapura, it's mean a place with fully love and beautiful. Kertagosa has 2 main building there are Taman Gili ( Floating Building ) and Kertagosa area. the function of this buildig there are (1) as a trial led by the king as supreme judge; (2) as a meeting place for kings in Bali; and (3) as a ceremony Manusa Yadnya ( human Ceremony )  or cutting teeth (mepandes) for the sons of the king.

Kertagosa is famous with wedding photo section, because this place has a nice panorama and unique building with long story hanging at the roof. and next we visit Klungkung Palace, it located closely from this tourism object. After visiting this tourism object, we continue to the mother temple of Balinese people, we take drive more than one hours, and finally we arrive at Besakih Temple.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kusamba Beach | Natural Salt

Happy fun our holiday, we want visit some tourism object at eastern part of Bali, but i found interesting place on the way to Karangasem, that is Kusamba beach, firstly i want to visit Goa Lawah ( Bat Cave ) but i stop at a uniquely beach. Kusamba beach is the name of this beach. this beach located at Kusamba village, Dawan sub-district, Klungkung regency. I stop at this beach after i saw a little sign has a word ' Natural Salt '. This word make we want see how to make a natural salt. 

After we arrive at this beach, WOW.. it's beautiful, we are enjoy with the black sand sand, with the situation, and safety. The other interesting was the stronger fisherman, a unique house with weeds roof and the other is i saw people watering the sand with sea water?? what are they doing?? the first question in my mind at this time. With a thousand question in my mind, i walk slowly to they. What are you doing sir ? make a salt.. that is the answer, it's make we had thousand questions, They want to make salt but why they watering sand with sea water.

And the end we want to see and try how make a natural salt at this beach. The fisherman make a salt with old way, the fisherman must watering the sand, after this the sand will take to the a long plate made from bamboo, and cleaning with water. the water will give a sunshine until the salt is available. The tools to take that salt is made from a quarter of coconut shield finally they got their salt, and this area finish with take a photo with nusa pedina be the background of photos. and at this place we can rent a boat to Nusa penida.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga is a former royal palace at eastern part of Bali and now be a water palace with beautiful view and cold water. it's  located about 5 kilometers from Amlapura town, near Abang exactly at Ababi sub-district. It's famous with fountain and fishpond. Tirta Gangga literally means water from the Ganges and it is a site of some reverence for the Hindu Balinese. Strictly, the name refers to the water palace built in 1948 by the Raja of Karangasem, Anak Agung Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. It is, however, the name widely used to refer to the general area which includes the water palace and the lush rural areas around. 

Tirta Gangga water palace is a maze of pools and fountains surrounded by a lush garden and stone carvings and statues. The one hectare complex was built in 1946 by the late King of Karangsem but was destroyed almost entirely by the eruption of nearby Mount Agung in 1963.It has been lovingly re-built and restored and has an air of authentic royal magnificence.The centrepiece of the palace is an eleven tiered fountain and there are many beautiful carvings and statues adorning the gardens. The area around Tirta Gangga is noted for its rice paddy terraces.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Amed Beach

Amed beach is a unique tourism interest at eastern part of Bali. It's located at Karangasem regency. It's famous with a beautiful view of sunrise and the special thing offer from this beach there are a beautiful view under the sea. This beach would like be suggestion a place to study about snorkeling and diving. The shoreline at amed beach is a beautiful place to enjoying the sunrise. It's has a lot of public facilities such as restaurant, hotel and bungalow. The most worker at Amed beach is a fisherman, it's same like the other shoreline, you can enjoying the village situation in this place.  

Culture in Amed beach is has been secure by the local people, and the friendly can be see and it will be complete with the panorama of sunrise at this beach. On the way to Amed beach, there are a rice terrace like at Ceking village in Tegalalang sub-district, with hill and tropical trees to be the background and the panorama will be complete with stop in the turn and find the best place to take a photos and in the last turn you can find a shop with natural painting.

Amed beach with black sand, with very clear water, the marine life, and the coral with best protect from the local people. The level of warmth in amed sea is constant, it's make snorkeling and diving be the best activity doing by the local or international visitors. Closely from amed beach we will see the other best place for diving , there is Jemeluk village with the fully color of coral.