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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Bali Bamboo Forest

Bamboo forests are considered to have ecological and economic value is high. It thus can not be separated from the role of local communities to preserve and naturalness always the Bamboo Grove. Every citizen is to obey the rules that the preservation and cultivation of the Bamboo Grove became their responsibility because the ancestors are believed to be deposited and will provide benefits for them. Bamboo forest has an area of ​​approximately 45 acres and serve as the main water catchment area which is why it has very high ecological value. Residents or anyone who visited the Bamboo Forest is forbidden to cut down the bamboo trees required to do indiscriminate and selective logging on the days that have been determined so as not to damage the bamboo.
The majority of Balinese are Hindu with a foundation of Tri Hita Karana, particularly in the field of Palemahan, judging that the bamboo trees in the interests of Religious ceremonies can not be replaced. Therefore, every citizen is required to obey the rules so that no logging is done arbitrarily, in addition to the course demands to preserve the Bamboo Grove.While related to the Bali government program, especially Bangli district who want to make Bali a clean and green, then obviously the existence and preservation of the Bamboo Grove is helpful in realizing these ideals. Bamboo Forest role here than as a water catchment areas, also have economic value, especially in support of various religious events, as well as to preserve the arts and culture Bangli. For example, bamboo is often used for roofing or shingles on a house Penglipuran village, where houses were then established as a tourist attraction which would generate revenue from visitors.
By visiting the Bamboo Forest, tourists can see and enjoy the exotic variety of tree species such as bamboo Petung Bamboo, Bamboo Gutters, also automatically be made aware of the importance of protecting and preserving nature so that no damage occurs. Bamboo trees will be very interesting views, especially when there is big wind will shake the bamboo trees to the sounds that are sometimes irregular. Bamboo Forest site is located in the village of Kubu, Bangli district, or about 5 km from the city of Bangli. From the direction of Denpasar is about 50 km and can be reached with a time of 1 hour away. The trip to this tour will be faster if you use a private vehicle or charter / rental rather than using public transport.


Bangli District on Google Maps:

Friday, May 8, 2015

Swiss-Belresort Pecatu Opening Soon 2016

Swiss-Belresort Pecatu is curently under construction as a resort hotel. Located in Pecatu Village, Jimbaran, Bali. Swiss-Belresort Pecatu has easy access to the dining, entertainment and leisure facilities and many tourist attractions of Pecatu. The hotel's well appointed guetsrooms are fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and memorable stay. The Beach in this area are quite and the sea is not choppy, making it an ideal location for relaxation or water activities. This Resort wiil opened 2016

- 198 guest rooms
- 3 meeting rooms
- Swimming Pool
- Fitnes Centre
- Disable Facilities
- Free Wi-Fi
- Swiss Cafe
- Spa
- In-Room Dining 24 hours
- Business Centre

Pecatu Village on Google Maps

Zest Hotel Opening Soon 2016

Zest Hotel Legian is two-star International hotel located in Jl. Padma Utara, Legian, Bali in the suburban and beach area on the west coast of the beautiful Bali. The Hotel is currently under construction and will opening soon on 2016. It will feature modern facilities that will provide utmost comfort and convenience to its business and leisure travellers. Zest Hotels , built to be a budget hotel brand in Asia, offering business travelers and tourists, a new and enjoyable experience with a fresh touch. Zest Hotels is a new brand that is fully owned by Swiss - Belhotel International in which we will offer a two-star quality hotel in a convenient location, which focuses on modern personal dynamic.

- 51 guest rooms
- Free WI-FI
- Citruz
- Hot/ Cold Shower
- Safety Deposit Box


Zest Hotel Legian Opening Soon

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Turtle Island in Benoa Bali

Tanjung Benoa is famous Bali water sports and Turtle Island Bali, one of families activities that you can have in Tanjung Benoa during your holiday, beside water sports. Have you ever heard of or maybe you’ve been to Tanjung Benoa? If you haven’t yet travel to this place, then you should read this page, which is about tourist site on Turtles Island in Bali. There are various ways by the government to protect endangered animals whose numbers are dwindling. One of the rare animals that protected by Indonesian government is the turtle and it’s habitat. 

Water sport in Tanjung Benoa Bali, provide a tour packages to visit the turtle island and sees the marine park offshore. The people who previously worked mostly as fishermen manage sights of this water independently. Families who bring small children are very suitable to have turtle island tour in Tanjung Benoa. As far as 300-500 meters you will be taken into sea. Together with our guide will ride a motorboat with clear glass bottom. From the boat you can enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery without having to dive. Coral reefs, a variety of ornamental fish, marine plants and other marine animals are maintained preserved. Do not forget to bring bread, so the kids can feed the fish while on the boat. This trip lasts about 15 minutes. 

After seeing and feeding the fish, then the trip will be proceeded to turtle island who took the time for 15 minutes. After arriving on the turtle island Bali, the guide will be happy to invite us to see the turtles. Children will be introduced on how to take care a turtle, incubate turtle eggs; the newly hatched turtle eggs and turtles are hundreds of years old. Do not forget to perpetuate this activity to take pictures with the turtle. On this turtle island, you also can see other animals. Such as monkeys, snakes, hawks, parrot, and bats.


Tanjung Benoa on Google Maps:

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Camping in Buyan Lake

'Buyan' is lake located in 'Sukasada' Village, 'Buleleng' Regency and located near of each other. It's about 21 km south of 'Singaraja' City. 'Buyan' Lake located in a very strategic area, which is between 'Lovina' Beach, 'Ulun danu beratan' temple and also 'Gitgit' waterfall. With Mount 'Lesong' as it's background this lake offer a very nice experience if you wish to visit. 

Now this area has been developed, that seen from a lot of tourist come to this place everyday, from domestic tourist until the tourists from foreign country. We able to see the panorama directly from 'Asah Gobleg' area. In the street side there are a lot of place to sit and relaxing while we watch the Lake. because this area located between of this two lake. For the people who liked camping, in this area also have a location that support for camping. We can reach this Lake about 2-3 hrs from 'Denpasar' to the north. Around the lake, there are also a lot of monkeys that randomly appear in the street near the Lake. There are some facility in this lake, like Parking area, traditional boot to rent for recreation even for fishing in this Lake.
In order to reach 'Buyan' Lake, we can pass through 'Munduk' countryside, 'Gobleg' countryside and penetrate in 'Lovina' area. The hotels are spreading around the village which most of them has the magnificent view to the lake. Despitefully in some places alongside of the lake there are places for seating for simply drinking coffee, eat the cake or look into the beautiful view of lake. Everyday these lakes are many visited by the tourist from local and foreign countries.


Buyan Lake on Google Maps:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sangeh, The Unique Mongkey Forest

'Sangeh' is a small tropical rain forest surrounded by the rice field with high and shady tropical trees where this place as a habitat for group of monkeys. The atmosphere of beautiful forest is an ideal place for monkeys to take refuge and become one of attractions for tourist to visit this place. This are has bee opened as a tourist destination in Bali located in north of 'Denpasar' City and about 30 minutes away from this capital city of Bali Province. In the 17 century when the golden era of 'Mengwi' Kingdom led by I Gusti Agung Ketut 'Karangasem', the son of I Gusti Agung Made Agung, founded a temple in the middle of nutmeg forest, hereinafter called by 'Bukit Sari' Temple.

The myth of 'Sangeh' forest formation is associated with the removal of timber forest in 'Agung' Mount at 'Karangasem', east part of Bali to 'Mengwi', 'Badung' regency. However on the way to 'Mengwi', someone was realized it and the timber forest growth become a forest and now this forest called by 'Sangeh'. But scientifically there is uncertain story about the existing of this forest. According to the staff of information center department at KSDA (Natural Resources Conservation), in year 2003, the 'Sangeh' forest is covered by 6.825 tropical trees consisted of 28 species of tree including 22 species of shrubs/bushes. In the expansion are (3,169 ha) located in west part of this forest, it has been planted by several species of plants including 'sapodilla', 'mahogany' and 'guava'. Some of them will be expected to be a source of foods for 500 monkeys. The species of monkeys live in 'Sangeh' are 'Macaca fascicularis'. Those monkeys are living in three different groups (east, middle and west) which will cause of conflict if they invade the other territorial. Overall, the animals live in this forest have been indentified into 22 species of birth, 3 species of reptile, 2 species of amphibian and 5 species of arthropod. 


Sangeh Forest on Google Maps:

Tanjung Benoa Watersport in Bali

'Tanjung Benoa' water sport center located on southeast of the island and very close to 'Nusa Dua'. If you are coming from 'Ngurah Rai' International airport, you will take 20 minutes to get 'Tanjung Benoa' beach. Water sports activities at 'Tanjung Benoa' start from 08:00 – 12:00, after 12:00 noon the seawater at 'Tanjung Benoa' will be low and not suitable for water sports activities. Safety and customers satisfactions are thing that become the main priority of each water sports company providers in Bali. 

To make sure safety for customers, 'Tanjung Benoa' water sports companies trained their staff to qualified and know about safety and emergency standard and procedure. Not only the staff, all the equipment must be approved by international standard of water sports safety. Insurance is must, because all rate that you pay is already include with life insurance. We are water sports agent and provide Bali adventure activities in 'Tanjung Benoa' and the activities that we provide you can see it on below table. You can play anything you want in Tanjung Benoa like Parasailing, Banana Boat, Diving, Flying Fish, Glass Bottom Boat, go to Turtle Island, Jet sky, Parasailing, Sea walker, Snorkeling, Wake Board, Water ski, Rafting, Odyssey Submarine, Cruise


Tanjung Benoa on Google Maps: