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Friday, November 21, 2014

Tanah Lot Sunset Tour

In the western part of Bali, there is a unique temple.The temple located on the rock surrounded with sea.The temple is the main purpose of this tour program. Tanah Lot Sunset Tour is an exciting tour to visit the temple on the rock with breathtaking view of sunset view as a backdrop. The tour will explore the famous tourist destinations in Bali of Tanah Lot Temple that is located above a big stone in coastal periphery. The tour also visits other places of interest in Tabanan regency or west part of Bali like Taman Ayun Temple and Alas Kedaton (monkey forest). It is a half day tour with private air-conditioning car transfer and professional tour guide who is always outstanding offer out best quality service. 

Places of interest will be visited during Tanah Lot Sunset Tour

( Taman Ayun Temple )
Bali Hindu Temple Taman Ayun Temple is a temple which is used as altar by Hindu people specially exists in Bali Island and it is one of the heritages from Mengwi Empire. It is encircled by big fishpond with huge temple area. The temple buildings are boosting high with high philosophy, story and religious. Inside of this temple area, there is a small fishpond encircles the main temple building. Other buildings in this temple area are reflecting to the empire power with each function. Taman Ayun Temple is also called Mengwi Royal Temple cause of the story and it is the famous place to visit on this tour.

Alas Kedaton ALAS KEDATON ( Monkey Forest )

( Monkey Forest )

Alas Kedaton, Bali Monkey Forest Alas Kedaton is come from the word Alas mean forest and Kedaton. It is a small forest dwelt by a group of monkey and big bat hang-on the trees. The tropical trees are fertile growing in this forest that makes it an ideal habitat of monkeys and other animals. All monkeys living in this forest are chummy and tame with human being. There is a Hindu temple existing in the middle of forest and rice field are located outside of it. 


West Bali Tours Tanah Lot is a Balinese Hindu Temple on the rock and the seawater encircles it when the sea water is tide. It is looked to be adrift in on the ocean and owns the magnificent view of sunset in the late afternoon. There are several points to see this temple with all amazing view. At this temple, we can find other Hindu temples like that make it a holy place in Bali. There are sea snakes dwell the cave in front of Tanah Lot Temple which you can see with small donation and those of them are believed the holy snake by the local community. 

Tanah Lot Sunset Tour is available at anytime we want to go there and if you wish to go this place, we can recommend booking the tour package with professional tour guide who outstanding offer the comprehensive information about tourist destinations in Bali Please have a look the site of Bali Star Island Travel Agency that offering many kind of Bali With Competitive price at

Bali Dance Tours

Bali has a lot of tourism object like sanur, kuta and many more also it famous with culture tourism. The Balinese Dance tour will show and bring you to watch the example of a thousand Balinese dance. The Balinese Dance Tours are the exciting tour to see the real life Balinese dance performance in the beautiful theater. Since Bali is rich of art including dance, there are several Balinese dances performance as a choice of tour you can see during your vacation Bali. Balinese Dance is a unique and exciting artwork which can be performed to anybody because the Balinese Dance has the fantastic movement and action from the body including the eyes of the dancers. Moreover if the Balinese Gamelan (Balinese Instrument) goes along with the dance could make the audiences stare their eyes and feel amazing. There are plenty of Balinese dance which has been created from the old up to the new creation that are being a trendy for the children and young people.

Choice of Balinese Traditional Dance
( Legong Dance )
Balinese Dance of Legong. Legong Dance is the beautiful dance accompanied by Gong Kebyar (Balinese gamelan) and it is played by Balinese girls with wriggle their hand, body and eyes. This dance is drawing about princesses of Rangkesari which has been known as a princess with beautiful face. During the Legong Dance, there are additional dances supporting this program like Baris Dance, Candrawasih Dance, Panyembrahma Dance and Manukrawa Dance. The Legong Dance is usually performed in the evening and nowadays in Bali this dance is combined with the dinner set in the certain restaurant. While having the delicious dinner you can see the beautiful dance which will be unforgettable experience.

( Kecak Dance )
Kecak Dance is one of Balinese Dance where the performance is usually taken from the story of Ramayana. This dance is accompanied by 200 until 300 people where most of them stand as gamelan instrument because all of the instrument sound is come from the mouth and the rest of them are become the dancer. The unique of Kecak Dance is no instrument tool to accompany the dance however it is only by mouth. The sounds of the mouth are hearing the constant noisy and have a good rhythm, compact and harmonious. This dance is usually held in the evening due to the lighting tool are used from the traditional light tool where it is surrounded by the dancers. The duration of the Kecak Dance is about 1 hour due to the story of Ramayana is very complex and long, It is only taken a part of the story where the precis story is perform generally in particular the fight of the evil and the good 

( Barong & Kecak Dance )
Barong dance is an exciting dance drawing a giant lion played by two people and Barong it self is symbolizing of the good side. When the Barong dance is performed, it is always performed two side of the life influence 'bad and good'. Rangda is symbolizing the bad which two of them are always apposite each other and Rangda it self is drawing as a woman with the hair raising face and she always want spread the bad influence to all people in the world, however Barong is always rescue the moment when Rangda do the bad thing. Barong Dance is accompanied by Gong Kebyar (the orchestra traditional Balinese instrument) which is played by a group of people. During the Barong dance performance, there is Keris Dance attraction also performed where ‘Keris (the wavy double bladed dagger) are used by the dancer to stick Rangda in order to kill the evil.

Bali Dance Tours is available at anytime we want to go there and if you wish to go this place, we can recommend booking the tour package with professional tour guide who outstanding offer the comprehensive information about tourist destinations in Bali. Please have a look the site of Bali Star Island Travel Agency that offering many kind of Bali Tour with competitive price at

Uluwatu Tour

The Uluwatu tour is started from your hotel lobby and meets our tour guide. You will be drop to Uluwatu Temple directly with our full-air-conditioning car, save and experience driver. When arriving at Uluwatu Temple, our tour guide will lead your trip and explain about the history of the temple and surrounding area. You will enjoy the beautiful sunset at this temple before coming back to the hotel. Once the sunset is over, you will be dropped back to your hotel to terminate the tour.
( Mongkey in Uluwatu )
( Kecak Dance )

Places of interest will be visited on Uluwatu Tour

( Uluwatu Temple)

Uluwatu Temple is one of Balinese Hindu Temple located in southern part of Bali right on the cliff bank with magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. It is very amazing that this temple is built on the narrow peninsula with deep rocky beach under it. It own very beautiful view in particular of the sunset time. There are group of monkeys live around the temple that keep and protect the temple from the bad influence based on the local resident's believes. Uluwatu Temple owns the history and culture heritage that is one of the value and feature that many visitors visit this place. The other interest thing in Uluwatu temple you can see the kecak dance. The kecak dance perform before the sunset time it's around 04.00 PM - 05.00 PM.

Uluwatu tour is available at anytime we want to go there and if you wish to go this place, we can recommend booking the tour package with professional tour guide who outstanding offer the comprehensive information about tourist destinations in Bali. Please have a look the site of Bali Star Island Travel Agency that offering many kind of Bali Tour with competitive price at

Denpasar City Tour

Denpasar city tour is a unique tour programe, in this tour program will visit some tourism object that located around Denpasar City. As we know Denpasar city is a capital city of Bali Province that make Denpasar city will be the modern city. That the our reason to bring you will visit the unique tourism object around Denpasar. The destination in Denpasar City Tour there are Bali Traditional Market ( Kumbasari Tradional market ), and next to Jagatnata temple and than to Bali Museum and the last destination is Bajra Shandi Monument. The Denpasar City tour is one of the short tour program in Bali which take around 4-5 hours. The Tour will bring you o visit the unique place there is Denpasar Traditional Market you can see the local society with their activity in traditional market. Our tour guide is outstanding offer you our best service to guide you to the right place along with the experience and save driver will complate the comfortable car transfer that can make your trips more memorable one.

The Interst Place will visit in Denpasar City Tour

  • Denpasar Traditional Market
( Denpasar Traditional Market )
Denpasar Traditional market is the biggest traditional market that located in Denpasar city. At the Traditional market we will find the local transaction voice among buyer and merchant with multifarious merchandise according to the life need like daily kichen need, appliance of Hindu ritual and ceremony, fruits until the traditional and modern clothes. In this market, you will find the unique thing from the local people especially the women when carrying the material or any items with extremely heavy, she put all of them on her head with a big basket. Also you can see the stronger women with biggest and fully items in her basket.

  • Jagatnata Temple
( Jagatnata Temple )
Jagatnata Temple is a biggest temple in Denpasar town which many visited by Hindus people in Denpasar and the around of Denpasar area come to this temple to pray in particular full moon and new moon. This Temple is designed very beautiful with fully ornaments and the Balinese art. In the center of temple area, there is a high temple building encircled by the fertile tropical garden. From the temple building until the entrance gate, you will find the Balinese decoration with full of meaning. 

  • Bali Museum
( Bali Museum )
Bali museum is one of the museum located in Denpasar city especially around puputan area. in this museum you will find a lot of the ancient monument of prehistory owns very high artistic value. Bali Museum show a lot of collection. The Collection are available in this museum provieds diferent experience on your tour program. Some time this museum is not opened in your tour, don't worry about that we will offer the alternative tourism object, we will offer a new tourism object to visit Bali Art Center, In This Tourism object we will see the biggest open theater and close stage , also the library in Denpasar city.
  • Bajra Sandhi Monument
( Bajra Sandhi Monument )
Bajra Shandi monument located a in the Renon area closely from Bali Art center, it just take around 10 - 15 minutes. Bajra Sandhi Monument is luxury monument standing up in the middle of Denpasar City. This monument is symbolize of  Bali people struggle to fill the independence after the Dutch Colonial gone from this country. The target of this monument is immortalize the soul and spirit of Bali people struggle, dig, looking after, developing and also preserves the Balinese culture to be bequeathed to next generation. The unique thing we can do in Bajra Sandhi Monument is we can climb to the top of this monument and also we can see the Denpasar city panorama from the top of this monument.

Denpasar City tour is available at anytime we want to go there and if you wish to go this place, we can recommend booking the tour package with professional tour guide who outstanding offer the comprehensive information about tourist destinations in Bali. Please have a look the site of Bali Star Island Travel Agency that offering many kind of Bali Tour with competitive price at

One Day Karangasem Tours

One day Karangasem Tour is an exotic tour package to visit  the eastern part of Bali island. In this tour package will visit some tourism object around Karangasem regency such as Goa Lawah Temple ( Bat Cave ) , Tenganan Village,Taman Sukasada ( Taman Ujung ) , and Tirta Gangga. The tour package will exploring the unique of local society in the eastern part of Bali Island and pass trough the beautiful beach of Candidasa. It is a private offering a new experience to visiting a local religion along with our professional who is always providing our best service. The tour will enjoyable with our save and experience driver and full air-conditioning car transfer. The delicious lunch will served at local restaurant with beautiful view to complete your trip with a memorable one.Taman Sukasada

Place interest will be visited during Karangasem Tour.
  • Goa Lawah ( Bat Cave ) 
( Goa Lawah Temple )
Goa Lawah is a shrine cave where thousand's of bat have a nest inside of this cave. This temple is one of the Biggest temple located in Bali island and used by Balinese Hindu as a place for worship to the god. Goa Lawah temple located on the main road from Denpasar city to Candidasa. The blue ocean and the Nusa Penida island just apposite of this temple with a black sand unfolding throughout  the coastal.Goa Lawah Temple has 3 part, there are Utama Mandala, Madya Mandala, and Nista Mandala.

  • Tenganan Village

( Tenganan Village )
Tenganan Village is a traditional Balinese country with a unique cultural and the unique local social from the local society. Tenganan Village held   Pandan war one years, The weapon in Pandan war is a bundle of Pandan. Pandan is a tropical plant the normally called Pandan leave. The Societies of Tenganan Village strongly keep the unique activities and custom rule that is one of fascinations for tourist to visit it. The house building is kept originally including the model and function to support the rule of village such as Bale Lantang and they houses.
  • Taman Sukasada( Taman Ujung )
( Taman Sukasada )
Taman Sukasada or Sukasada Garden has a popular name that is Taman Ujung, Taman mean Garden and Ujung mean Tip, the meaning of Taman Ujung is the garden located on the tip.The Taman Sukasada is a beautiful garden with fish pond surrounding  the old building that is one of the Karangasem Empire's omissions which has the high artistic value and history. The history showed with the picture and the painting that hanging on the wall.This area is generally used by all kings for resting because this place is fully designed with artistic value so that the king his family can found their relaxation, refresh and enjoyable. The old buildings are very beautiful and now it is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali. 
  • Tirta Gangga 
( Tirta Gangga )
Tirta Gangga is the last destination on the One Day Karangasem Tour. Tirta Gangga is a beautiful and exotic garden with water fountain and fish pond surrounds this area and with the cold water in each pool. This garden was built by The King of Karangasem at this time, The function of this garden is for King's family do relaxation with their family. Firstly, the garden utilized by empire family for bathing place and now have been arranged natty and fascinate.There is big clean water source that is poured into a channel and go to the tower to make a water fountain . This water fountain is an icon of Tirta Gangga which is many visited by tourists. 

One Day Karangasem  Tour is available at anytime we want to go there and if you wish to go this place, we can recommend booking the tour package with professional tour guide who outstanding offer the comprehensive information about tourist destinations in Bali Please have a look the site of Bali Star Island Travel Agency that offering many kind of Bali With Competitive price at

Friday, May 9, 2014

Waterbom Park Kuta Bali

 Indeed Bali island is a tourist object that as known as the complete island with many attraction as tourist object. may be it is right place for you and your family to enjoy your holiday. Surely you must have known why we recommend Bali is one for family holiday, because Bali Island has Waterbom Bali. Waterbom is a water park garden and their so many water attraction for every member of your family
Waterbom Bali is situated right in the heart of Kuta, precisely located at Jalan Kartika Plaza. The location of the water attraction is very strategic, it takes about 10 minutes from Denpsar International Ngurah Rai Airport and 5 minutes to Kuta beach and 5 minutes on foot to the shoping center that is the Discovery Mall Centro Kuta.

Wateroom Bali is superb place to spend your time playing with your family and kids with your by enjoy all the complete facilities and tropical gardens in there. you can enjoy a lot of  your facilities that could boost adrenaline. if you area a fan of adrenaline tour (adrenaline seeker), you have try to ride Smash-down. in this vehicle you will feel how knocked down from a height 21 meters at 70 kilometers per hour speed.But if you not so brave, you can try another vehicle that not so tested tour adrenaline that is Lazy River where you  can relax while enjoying the comfort of small stream washed away flow down in 250 meter pool.

There are restaurant to you to enjoy the variety of food and beverages, because after playing water you will get hungry and need something to eat. please come to the restaurant that still in the waterboom area. Finish enjoy fine dining with friends or family, you can check the souvenir are sold at souvenir booth.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Masa Inn Hotel - Kuta

Masa Inn hotel is situated on Popies Line in the central of Kuta and takes about 20 minutes from Denpasar Airport. Tracing the coast towards Poppies lane which is a very convenient location.  Masa Inn is the best option for those of you who are going on holidays or honeymooners in Bali. The Masa Inn Hotel offer great hospitality and service to travelers from near and a far. which makes attractive service for all tourists from entire the world. The atmosphere of Masa Inn Hotel is comfortable, quite, specious and plenty of room for children including a shallow tiled area in the pool for kids with green Garden and clear water of pool.

Masa Inn provide great service to all the guest who stay. The motto of Masa Inn Hotel is 'Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal'. The Masa Inn price are value for money you won't be disappointed. Masa Inn offer many activities like surfing, diving, shopping and night life which is a hop skip and jump away  from your welcoming family at the Masa Inn.
The public Masa Inn facilities like free wi-fi, two swiming pool, restaurant and Laundry service. The room facilities in Masa Inn Hotel like Air concitioning room, bathtub, Hot and cold running water in the shower, telephone, television, refrigerator, safety box and bath towel.
Based on Masa inn official site the room rate is around Rp 300.000 - Rp. 900.000 based on your kind choices of rooms and the facilities in there.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Rimba Jimbaran - Bali

Rimba Jimbaran Bali is a Rimba luxury resort that situated on Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera 2 kilometers from Ayana residences and 3 kilometers from main of Jimbaran, southern  Kuta. it takes about 20 minutes from international Ngurah Rai Airport. Jimbaran new gem meaning forest in Indonesia, Ayana's trendy new Rimba Resort stays true to its name with long and winding jogging paths, one hectares worth of water features and the kind of scenic views that are exactly what you want to wake up to.

Rimba Jimbaran will give you not only see foliage and forest colors, but also hear the sounds as well in the middle of forest. Waterways around the lobby area, the restaurant and the pools will present a sense of true life in the luxurious resort in Bali that have ambiance to planted 10,000 trees around their grounds to help further offset their carbon footprint. There is also a water recycling plant and a rainwater harvesting program.

Rimba design 282 rooms decorations by gathered driftwood from along beaches in West of Bali. The winding two-kilometers jogging path that connect Rimba to Ayana is made from crushed recycled glass bottled.There are six pools that more than enough to choose, they consist of the Lower Pool with children's water slide, the swim-up Pool Bar with Jacuzzi, the Cabana Pool and the Lagoon Pool in front of the pool Access rooms. some number of rooms are overlooking the sunset ocean views, but even the hillside views are gorgeous with colorful flowers are grown for Balinese offerings made it so hard to leave this modern forest haven.

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